‘Daughters of the Dust’ at NWFF, Robert Zverina at Dendroica Gallery, Chicano Batman at the Crocodile

Daughters of the Dust

Tuesday, Feb. 21

Middle Kids, Sleeping Lessons

Aussie band Middle Kids’ amiably bouncy variety of semi-folky indie rock receives an immeasurable boost by lead singer Hannah Joy's heartfelt singing. But for my money, the main reason to catch this bill is openers Sleeping Lessons, a Seattle band that stirs together Built to Spill-style epic rock, a sense of boyish earnestness, left-field tonal shifts and just a pinch of shoegazer atmospherics. —Tony Kay

Wednesday, Feb. 22

Light in the Attic DJ Party

If you've shopped the new Light in the Attic Record store at KEXP, you know the Seattle-based record label curates a wonderfully eclectic collection of music. Tonight they show off their impeccable taste with a DJ party at divey Georgetown chicken shack Sisters and Brothers, where $1 from every beer sold goes to the Refugee Women’s Alliance. —Jonathan Zwickel
Sisters and Brothers

Wednesday, Feb. 22 – Thursday, Feb. 23

Daughters of the Dust

I haven't seen Julie Dash's 1991 drama about a multi-generation Gullah family at the turn of the 20th century since stumbling upon it almost two decades ago on cable TV. In addition to its cultural significance as one of the first widely released films directed by a Black female filmmaker, the movie’s a pitch-perfect period piece of incomparable beauty and emotional pull. I can't wait to see it on a big screen. —Tony Kay
Northwest Film Forum

Thursday, Feb. 23

Chicano Batman

Already one of the best albums of 2017, Chicano Batman's Freedom Is Free is an upbeat mediation on liberation that's equal parts SoCal lounge, psychedelic rock, gospel funk and rock en espanol. Live, the LA quartet performs in ruffled, pastel tuxedos—a nod to the Chicano wedding bands of the 1970s that inspired their sound. —Jonathan Zwickel

Thursday, Feb. 23 – Saturday, Feb. 25

Three Americans: Voices of Hope

Playwrights Yussef El Guindi, Regina Taylor and Mashuq Deen are the three Americans behind this show of monologues, performed by Annette Toutonghi, Cynthia Jones and Megan Ahiers, respectively. Director/dramaturg Anita Montgomery, formerly of ACT Theatre, directs the show, and created it to inspire hope and passion for diverse American voices. More of this, please. — Gemma Wilson
West of Lenin

Thursday, Feb. 23 – Sunday, Feb. 26

ARTisANAL: 20-Year Robert Zverina Retrospective

Rob Zverina is a multimedia guerrilla artist who’s been posting weird micro-videos and visual essays online since looooong before SnapChat, Vine or Instagram. Media-wise he was ahead of his time, which somehow imbues this assembled work with nostalgia. This show presents a profusion of digital images, words and moving pictures culled from two decades of playful experimentation and obsessive documentation. The show runs through March 5. —Brett Hamil
Dendroica Gallery

Friday, Feb. 24 – Sunday, Feb. 26

Dear White People—Unapologetic

The minds behind brilliant burlesque Dear White People: An Exploration of Race are back: “Browner. Queerer. Braver. AND 100% UNAPOLOGETIC.” The show is a mixture of live music, burlesque, poetry, dance and spoken-word, and the list of talented performers too long to include in full, but features (who also produces) and special guests Luminous Pariah and Adra Boo. —Gemma Wilson
Theatre Off Jackson