The 2016 Future List

2016 Future List

Meet the artists 
and innovators
 who will shape 
the year to come.


The Director

Malika Oyetimein

"The world isn't comfortable right now."

The Generator

Joe Garber

"I constantly listen to voices in my head."

The Trailblazer

Elicia Sanchez

"Telling stories is my voice."

The Polymath

Leena Joshi

"Can you understand what I'm feeling right now?"


The Iconoclast

Joe Rudko

"Photography is fertile ground."


The Bridge-builder

Julia Fryett

"The economic exclusivity of fine art turns me off."


The Teacher

Meredith Wenger

"These kids have so much ability, so much to give."


The Culture-bearer

Ben Hunter

"Music is a powerful tool to learn about people."


The Leading Lady

Kirsten deLohr Helland

"Yeah I'm an ingenue—watch it."


The Wunderkind

Will Toledo

"Getting signed made it easier to talk to my parents."