Attractive Singles: February 2014

Tenderfoot “Do It My Love”
It’s tempting to call Tenderfoot a folk project, but in its directness and simplicity, “Do It My Love” has more in common with deeply embedded American-songbook favorites like “Daisy Bell” than any modernized throwback. Amid a spare-but-spacious backdrop of violin, piano and percussion, Adam Boehmer croons with heart-swollen vigor, “If it brings you joy, do it my love.” 

Made in Heights “Mantis”
Like dandelion fluff wafting on a warm breeze, Kelsey Bulkin’s voice bobs beautifully over a barely-there beat courtesy of Blue Scholars’ production-whiz Sabzi. Made in Heights is the duo’s long-teased minimalist-soul project; this latest single—experimental, moody, sanguine—suggests the full-length will be worth the wait. 

Naomi Wachira “Sacred Love”
This acoustic-soul mission statement captures all the fulfillment of an unfolding romance. Wachira’s voice is an instrument of remarkable nuance and her delivery is so easygoing that she makes complicated dynamics feel utterly unforced. Whatever your relationship status, you can’t not love a love song like this.

Wimps “Distraction”
This month Seattle spews a slew of lowbrow goof-punk—peppy party jams long on puppy-dog enthusiasm and (intentionally) short on intellect. Our favorite of the bunch is Wimps, a self-deprecating trio that pogoes across that famous, Spinal Tap-ian line between clever and stupid with their latest EP. Short and direct, “Distraction” is exactly what the title promises.

Benjamin Verdoes “Evil Eye”
The title track from Verdoes’ first post-Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band solo album, “Evil Eye” is on some Steely Dan smooth-soul vibes. While it’s less convoluted than his previous work, the arrangement bears sweetly braided synths and bubbling electronic percussion. Verdoes sounds perfectly unhurried in his latest incarnation.

Photo of Tenderfoot by Rafael Soldi

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