Attractive Singles: January 2014

Damien Jurado “Silver Donna” (release date 1/21/14)
With his new album Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, Jurado delves deeper into reverb-drenched quasi-mystical shaman-rock. “Silver Donna,” one of the album’s four “Silver”-titled songs, is a heated, haunting incantation of some lost state of karmic perfection. Moments like this prove that Jurado is producing the best work of his long and fabled career.

Sandrider “Ruiner”
The Seattle sludge-metal trio’s new album is called Godhead but its cover depicts a many-eyed demon summoned from some unfathomable cosmic realm. That contrast sums up “Ruiner,” a slowly unfolding epic that manages a certain beauty in its ferocity. There’s no better heavy band in Seattle right now.

Kairos “That Which Does Not”
In its oblique title and twitchy rhythm, this synthy jam from Lena Simon (Pollens) suggests Dirty Projectors combined with 1980s roller-skating funk. It’s all bubbly percussion and inside-out melodies as Simon sings, “What we’re after/Is a feeling/Distance is an optical illusion.”

Secretary “I Know It’s Wrong”
Taking cues from the somber synth-pop of mid-’80s Fleetwood Mac and the Church, Secretary finds a cozy spot beside it-band of the moment Haim, taking chilly female vocals into dark, spacious terrain. This song plays like sultry, suggestive easy listening for erstwhile Goths.

Gabriel Mintz “You’re Killing Me”
I’ve long been enamored of Mintz’s singer-songwriter psych (see his forever gem “Western Days”); Future Wars, his much-anticipated LP, is a hazy sojourn into late-night existentialism. “You’re Killing Me” is quintessential: languid but somehow tense, both a stoned serenade and the slacker paranoia it engenders.

Photo of Kairos provided by Kairos



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