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Pharoah Sanders

Oct. 13
Taylor McFerrin
Great jazz dwells in the overlap of genre-flouting exploration and technical virtuosity—and right now perhaps nobody better represents that thrilling zone than Taylor McFerrin. The NY-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer released his debut album, Early Riser, earlier this year, laying myriad snippets of self-recording alongside live melodies by the likes of pianist Robert Glasper and McFerrin’s dad, Bobby. Triple Door

Oct. 24
Living Daylights, Syrinx Effect
Reigning the mid-’90s college circuit, jam bands were always more diverse in sound than outsiders understood. Especially interesting were jazz-leaning luminaries like Medeski Martin and Wood, TJ Kirk and, hailing from Seattle, Living Daylights. Saxophonist Jessica Lurie, LD’s centerpiece, relocated to New York in the 2000s but tonight reunites with her original bandmates for her first hometown show in ages. Syrinx Effect is a pair of young horn players exploring the space between instrumental improv and ambient electronics. Royal Room

Nov. 1
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, McTuff
JFJO came at the latter end of the abovementioned jazz-jam proliferation, rising out of Tulsa in the early ’00s and blowing minds internationally with manic live performances that often left crowds sweaty and the musicians covered in their own blood. Keyboard wizard Brian Haas is the sole remaining member but the trio remains a knife-edge away from spontaneous transcendence. McTuff is Seattle’s own keyboard-trio powerhouse. Royal Room

Nov. 7
Pharaoh Sanders
For more than 50 years, the sound of Pharaoh Sanders’ tenor sax has signified music’s most spiritual inclinations. Now in his 70s, Sanders remains one of the original giants of jazz, a graying lion who still explodes on the bandstand. His tone is embellished with decades of expression and he can shift from fiery torrent to somber meditation to sublime melody in a glorious instant. Tonight he plays with a trio imported from New York. Don’t miss. Town Hall

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