Guava Lounge

Guava Lounge

This month Abby Dougherty, aka Neon Saltwater, takes over the three rooms of Glass Box Gallery, transforming the space to resemble the phantasmagorical realms she typically renders and displays in digital 3D. The scenes reproduced at Glass Box (one of them experienced through a virtual reality headset) are uncanny and inviting—unpeopled motel rooms, pools or model living spaces washed in glowing pastel.

‘Guava Lounge’ is a fantasy pet shop that’s only accessible inside a ghost mall after closing hours,” Dougherty says. “I’m inspired by the way malls have all these little corners and mysterious hallways that are often dead or vacant. I love thinking about how spaces change over time and my work is often about the energy that lingers in spaces after people and businesses leave them.”

UNVIRTUAL is on view at Glass Box Gallery through Aug. 19.

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