Impossible Plant

Lately Eric Elliott has been on sabbatical from his usual oil paintings while he reinvents his approach to drawing from nature. The break has resulted in stunning large-scale drawings like “Wide Plant,” which measures 50 x 73 inches and took Elliott three weeks to complete.

“I want to be able to see the world as if I were a newborn,” he says. “I keep returning to plants as a subject because I love the network of interconnected positive and negative shapes that come together to make up the larger whole. In “Wide Plant” I wanted to have this overgrown plant expanding into a large bush that couldn’t possibly be supported by the pot it’s growing out of. It becomes almost a cloud of leaves that could potentially envelop whatever space it occupied.”

“Wide Plant” is on view at James Harris Gallery Sept. 3 – Oct. 10 as part of Elliott’s solo exhibit Overgrown.

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