Odesza + Shaprece

Best New Music duo Odesza and up-and-comer Shaprece both announced new releases today. As far as we know, these artists have yet to cross paths. But given the direction of their individual projects, I predict a collaboration by year's end. 

Shaprece's new EP, Molting, combines her effortless, assertive vocals with low-key digital beats via producer IG88 and elegant string arrangements by Phil Peterson. It's a shift from the more straightforward soul she's been known for but a natural progression; her new stuff falls in line with current trip-hop revivalists like FKA Twigs, Wild Belle and Jungle. It's smart and sensual and very au currant. The EP plays like a meditation, dwelling in a sonic twilight where yearning and fulfilment coexist. 

Odesza creates blissed-out summertronica, a signature brand of emotive dance music that evokes strong feelings of gratitude and fullblown joy. This new track further establishes their sound: Like Shaprece's stuff, "Memories That You Call" prods at sunlight reveries and romantic ideals. The song is taken from In Return, their first full-length on Counter Records, set for release Sept. 9. Odesza is one of Seattle's bigger success stories of the last year—at least in the youth-oriented world of EDM—and this summer they continue to headline festivals around the US. 

"Memories That You Call" features a female vocalist, her voice twisted and melded into the mix; In Return will feature a slew of female singers (Zyra, Py, Shy Girls and Madelyn Grant), none of which I recognize from the local scene. On Molting, Shaprece gets remixed by noir-hop duo Blue Sky Black Death; clearly she's deep into Seattle's electronic underground.

There's a love connection waiting to happen here, folks! 

Listen below, and check out Shaprece and Odesza at Block Party next weekend. 


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