Stop and Stair

“There was a cooler of food and a cooler of water, 20 or 30 throw pillows, an iPod hooked to a tape player, and a box of written instructions. The space itself was dirty and unforgiving; we all walked away with scrapes and bruises. The element of danger is one thing we found exciting. We were drawn to this location because movement and direction are already implied in a staircase. They’re there to get you up or take you down—we got to spend six hours exploring what else and how else.”

—Markeith Wiley, artistic director/choreographer of The New Animals on “What Goes Up,” the group’s six-hour movement performance/ritual at the NEPO 5k, on the stairwell of 18th Ave. S. and S. Walker St. The piece featured nine performers, including Ale Madera (right) and company manager Calie Swedberg.

Photo by Miguel Edwards

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