Taste Test with Ariel Glassman

Photo by David Wentworth

As a kid, Ariel Glassman split time between her native Boston and the college town of Amherst, Mass., a geographical dichotomy that instilled in her equal parts “East Coast type-A energy” and a “hippiefied” love of the arts. After studying political science at Stanford and a brief dabble in DC, she made her way to Seattle, where she’s worked in nonprofit fundraising—mostly with arts orgs—for the last eight years. “I’ve figured out what my superpowers are and how to apply them all the time.” Most recently, Glassman co-produced That’swhatshesaid at Gay City.

Extra firm
“For vegetarian-friendly dim sum, there’s a little place in the CD called Northwest Tofu Factory. It’s a literal tofu factory—and the most delicious tofu I’ve ever eaten.”

Organ donor
“I have a necklace from a designer called Lost Apostle that’s a tiny, bronze human heart. I wear it constantly—there’s a vulnerability metaphor going on there.”

End-all carryall
“My love for Brenthaven bags is undying. I have three different sizes from the Collins line. You wouldn’t believe how much I can fit into the midsize messenger bag.”

Island time
“In Hawaii the pace is so slow you can’t fight it. The last time I was on the Big Island, I stayed at an Airbnb in a fishing village called Miloli’I on the Kona Coast. If you go in the winter, you hear the whales singing every night.”

Friend indeed
“Rather than have one favorite bar, I like to find a bartender I like and follow them. Willi is a friend of a friend who tended bar at Liberty. He made us a drink called the Moonbaby, which is a modified hot toddy that he sets on fire. Now he works at Linda Derschang’s places so I try to figure out where he’s gonna be.”

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