Taste Test with Melenie Yap

Photo by Dylan Priest

Melenie Yap makes an art of social media. 

Social media as art? Melenie Yap makes it so. The Seattle native has applied her visual arts degree from UW and graphic design training from Parsons to audience-building campaigns for a variety of high-profile clients, including Decibel Festival, Red Bull Music Academy (where her official title is “Ms. X”) and several Seattle-area restaurants. Whether it’s via her education or her instinct for marketing, Yap knows how to inhabit the voice of a brand. “I hear it all the time,” she says, mimicking a potential client. “You run that? I thought that was a 25-year-old dude!”

Whirled Travel
“Whenever I travel somewhere, I watch Anthony Bourdain to see where he’s gone. I heard about Le Saveur du Poisson in Tangier from him. It’s all seafood and they serve this amazing drink that’s dates and grapes and strawberry juice. You don’t choose from a menu, you just sit down and they bring you food.”

“James Turrell’s installation Light Reign opened at the Henry when I was in college, but a lot of people didn’t find out about him until Drake’s video for ‘Hotline Bling.’ It’s a circular room, and up above is a skylight, and it changes at different times of year or different times of day because of the way he plays with light and space.”

A Certain Vintage
“I like grown-folks music so my favorite venue is Jazz Alley. They get all the soul and R&B greats from the ’70s and ’80s—Bobby Caldwell, Jeffrey Osborne. I’m basically a 50-year-old person.”

Finding MiMo
“I’ve always appreciated modern design—and didn’t want to change my style for the baby—so I bought an Eames Rocker from Design Within Reach. The baby’s gonna have the nicest room in the house!”

Kid Couture
“My friend Reina Acab has a children’s clothing line called même that’s all about neutral colors for boys or girls rather than standard pink or blue. She hand-makes most of the stuff in Seattle. When I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I bought was her polka-dotted bibs.”


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