You Better Believe It

In Blake Haygood’s latest work at G. Gibson Gallery, cryptic, interlocking objects float like three-dimensional puzzle pieces frozen in a bright, white vacuum. For Haygood, the suggestion of the psychological underlines the indeterminacy of the blocks, rendered in disarmingly cheerful pastel gouache. “I consider myself an optimistic pessimist, or vice versa,” he says. “My work is about entropy, disorder, randomness, decline and unpredictability—but also hope and humor. The vaguely organic/mechanical objects in my work are falling apart, but sometimes if you squint just right, they might be coming together in a funny way.” With these paintings, Haygood has given up line work in favor of solid block of color. “Consuming thousands of trippy ’70s comic books as a kid probably has something to do with my choices of colors,” he says.

Haygood’s exhibition The How, What and Wherefore is on view at G. Gibson Gallery through Apr. 18.

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