The Warehouse Closes (But Not Because of Us!)

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the demise of Tacoma's Warehouse music and arts space. Does that name ring a bell? It should, as City Arts spent considerable real estate in our February issue covering the lively incubator and its forward-looking young managers. Sadly, as the email that came in to City Arts earlier today attests, these entrepreneurs are now going to have to look forward in a different direction.

The warehouse formerly known as the Warehouse | photo by Andrew Waits

Now, you might think that we — like Sports Illustrated — are cursed. But not so fast. As Warehouse manager Adam Ytsie explained in his email, we had nothing to do with this one. "We really wanted to thank you for the support that City Arts showed to us," he wrote. "It was great publicity for us and hopefully publicity we can further use in the future. Unfortunately (NOT due to the article) we have been shut down and asked to vacate by our landlord."

We don't mean to downplay the sadness of this news; we just want David Boe and our other future cover subjects to know that they have nothing to worry about.

Read on for the venue's official press release...

After 5 months of serving our community and providing an alternative space for music and art to occur we are sad to say that we have been shut down. From this point forward, the Warehouse is closed and we are all being asked to vacate. This is very sad and unfortunate. But, such is the world of underground and DIY venues. We have thoroughly enjoyed opening our home to you Tacoma and the many amazing artists that have come through town. These last few months have been incredible and more than we could have asked for. For now, all of the events on our calendar will be moved to new locations around town, so keep following our updates on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. 

While the dream is being squelched by an individual man, we will not let the man bring this endeavor to bring good music to the people of Tacoma to an end. We are continuing to dream and are planning to open in a new and perhaps even better way in the near future, so please stay in the loop. We only hope that you, our community will continue to support us, and more importantly the artists who come to our city.

We couldn't have done what we managed to do in the last few months without those who lived in the space before it and nurtured it into the venue that it has become as of late. The Warehouse has been around for quite a few years and has been responsible for the cultivation of the arts in our community. For a good run down of its history grab February's City Arts before it disappears!

Again, we want to thank each person who entered those doors and who supported the place in both small ways and in big ways. We thank you from the deepest part of our souls.

Damn the man, save the Warehouse!