Joey Veltkamp's Guide to First Thursday Art Walk

This is a great month to come down to the Art Walk because Pioneer Square is filled with an abundance of amazing art.


Monarch Contemporary will be presenting Meet Greet Rinse Repeat. This is my pick for show of the evening. Artist Troy Gua has gathered nearly 50 of Seattle’s favorite artists to collaborate on unique glyphs that he created. This will be a visual extravaganza that celebrates the spirit of artistic camaraderie.

Untitled by Ken Kelly and Troy Gua

OHGE, Ltd. has a great show called You’re So Cool. Erin Toale has curated a show that explores thematic relationships between sixteen artists including Seattle favorites like Whiting Tennis, Eric Elliot, Julie Alpert and City Arts contributors, Erin Shafkind and Sharon Arnold.


by James Johnson

Lawrimore Project presents new work by Elias Hansen. We Used To Get So High will be his first solo show at LP. Using found materials in conjunction with beautiful blown glassware, Eli continues to experiment with the notion of Northwest masculinity.

Both OHGE, Ltd. and LP stay open until at least 9pm on 1st Thursday.

Chauney Peck presents Bang, Universe, Everything at SOIL. This new solo show really fleshes out the idea of chance that she has been exploring over the past two years. By using a set of homemade chance cards to help influence the creation of her art, Peck has ended up with a really great body of strange, new work. Also, in the backspace, Ben Hirshkoff presents Floating.


A Powerful New God is Coming by Chauney Peck

Margot Quan Knight at James Harris Gallery

Margot’s latest body of work continues to push the limits of photography. This exhibit focuses on the duality of glass; it simultaneously protects one image behind while reflecting a different image in front. By photographing these surfaces at an angle, Margot is able to preserve the double picture (printed image + current reflection) combining the past with the present. I love these!

"Joel 1970, Steubens" by Margot Quan Knight

Other great shows include:

Point No Point by Jennifer Campbell at Gallery4Culture.

Video Still from "Point No Point" by Jennifer Campbell

Rachel Maxi at Some Space Gallery.


"An American in Paris" by Rachel Maxi

Hidden Snacks by Sol Hashemi and Jason Hirata at PUNCH Gallery.



Speak for the Trees at Friesen Gallery, including work by Mark Ryden, Michael Brophy, Steve Jensen and more.

Made in U.S.A at Greg Kucera Gallery, Transubstantial at Catherine Person, Sean M. Johnson at Howard House, Kathleen Skeels at Canoe Social Club (starts at 10pm) and Strange Coupling at Ouch My Eye.

Also, don’t forget to swing by The Hideout post-art walk and vote for who will win $500! Great drink specials on Blue Moon Beer and drawing contests (with cash prizes).