Wandering Through the State of the Arts

While reporting City ArtsJune cover story, "State of the Arts," I saw a lot of Washington.

And while my search for art yielded a trunkload of interesting finds in small towns and rural landmarks, the road dominated my five-day trip.

The hypnotic rhythm of the asphalt beneath my tires and the vastness of the landscape would sooth my senses until a work of art would pop out at me and I'd stop. These examples of everyday creativity – graffiti, rest stop sculptures, wall murals, metal ladybugs – served as oases for my senses, as did the music of Kimo Muraki, whose song “Wander” soundtracks this video montage of my travels.

I saw Muraki play at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern in Bellingham at the beginning of the trip and his music, this song in particular, stuck with me throughout: