Album Review: The Head and the Heart

Record Report

The Head and the Heart (self-released)

4.5 Stars

The Head and the Heart recalls the millennial Americana of Whiskeytown, grounded as it is in simple four-four rhythms and brought to life with piano, violin and three-part harmony.

The Seattle sextet, though, is so much more self-aware and better for it. From their debut album’s opening exclamation on “Cats and Dogs” (“My roots have grown, but I don’t know where they are”) to “Down in the Valley,” which carries the heartache and resignation of Ryan Adams’ best work, to the gospel incantation that “all things must end” on the closer, “Heaven Go Easy on Me,” the band’s sound points to an romanticized past, a burdensome present and an unknown future.

It is the right album for right now. 

Standout tracks: “Down in the Valley” and “Ghosts.”

Listen to these tracks and more on The Head and The Heart's website.

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