It Beats the Flying Trapeze

Liza Rose defies gravity in the cause of art at Carkeek Park

Though her tootsies appear to be dancing on the clouds of a dramatic Olympics sunset, Liza Rose of the aerial circus and dance company Ticktock is actually dangling over Carkeek Park, two beaches north of Shilshole.

On the closing weekend of CoCA's Heaven and Earth II show, Ticktock will take to the air to test again the structural integrity of Miguel Edwards' 21-foot-tall sculpture Perseus, on Sept. 25 at 4:45, 5:45, and 6:45 pm. (To get to Seattle's best-kept secret arty park, take Holman Road; turn north on 3rd NW; turn left at the Carkeek Park sign on NW 110th, drive to the bottom of the hill, and park at Liza Rose's feet.)