Kickstart This Art: Shenandoah Davis

It's been a full two years since Shenandoah Davis released her debut full-length record, We; Camera, a mesmerizing collection of left-field piano-pop songs that gained the Seattle artist critical praise, as well as a seat on the piano bench in orchestra pop brigade Grand Hallway.

Those who haven't heard it should (we suggest watching this Clyde Petersen-directed video of the title track to start, or maybe her performance on The Song Show here).

Those who have heard it are probably wondering where the hell the follow-up is.

Well, wonder no more foul-mouthed music fan; it's in the works. But, as a charming e-mail that just arrived in my inbox attests, Shenandoah needs some, um, doah to make it happen. Five thousand bucks to be exact, and Davis has gone the Kickstarter route to allow you to help her make it happen.

Click the widget above to watch the video plea and shell out by October 8 if you want to help. I suggest the $500 route, which will get you breakfast in bed served by the artist and a recording of a cover song of your choice!