Kickstart this Art: BAMWOOD Indie Lit Series

Every so often, while trolling the micro-arts-funding site Kickstarter, we find a project we deem worthy of your cold, hard cash. This go round, we are imploring you to give a little cash to the folks at Capitol Hill's Pilot Books for their BAMWOOD Indie Lit Video Series.

The purpose of the series is to share the readings and workshops that happen at the independent small-press bookshop with the wider, wired world through the lens of a video camera.

You will be helping to buy that camera, in modest installments of $1 if that's what it takes. And what will you get in return, aside from regular installmensts of crisp, clear HD video featuring a rich community of up-and-coming lit figures? Well, you will also get a writer calling you on your phone, thanking you for you contribution and then reading you a story or a poem (including Tao Lin, Eileen Myles, Kevin Sampsell, Matthew Zapruder and many more). And that's for just a buck. Other contributions yield books, t-shirts, parties and, at the top contribution level, a Sears portrait of you that will hang on the Pilot Books wall forever.