Kickstart this Art: Kim Ruehl's Book about Zilphia Horton

You might remember Kim Ruehl from her in-depth look at the death and life of Seattle indie pop enigma Carissa's Wierd this last July, as well as a bunch of other lovely articles she has written for both City Arts and Sound Magazine. Well, last month, Kim — who, in addition to being a writer, is also the community manager for No Depression, a folk musician and a middling table tennis player — moved on down to Asheville, North Carolina to reignite her passions.

Apparently it worked, because she has already but together a plan for what looks to be an amazing book that needs to be written about folk-music pioneer Zilphia Horton. Now she is looking for some funds from folks like you. Her No Depression community has given her a solid initial bump, but she needs some more support to make this thing happen. Watch the video and we think you might just be moved to throw her a ten-spot.