More Telekinesis to Love

You folks out there might know my great love for Telekinesis, the powerful pop outfit created by Michael Benjamin Lerner.The reasons are many:

1. The band's self-titled debut album, which came out on Merge Records in 2008, is undeniable ear candy.

2. Lerner enjoys strolling through Seattle parks with music journalists.

3. His music is most-likely helping sensitive indie kids get laid. To wit:



4. Lerner takes lots of lovely photos while on tour, like this one of him and some Italian oranges:

5. His dream is to someday tour Japan (and he told me that he would take me along when that dream comes true).

6. And now there is more to love with this great new sing-songy single, "Car Crash," and the announcement that Lerner will be releasing Telekinesis's Chris Walla-produced sophomore album, 12 Desperate Straight Lines, on February 15, bringing me him one step closer to that Tokyo vacation tour date.


Telekinesis opens for Bob Mould (whom I also love) on December 3 at the Triple Door in Seattle.