Fourteen Context-Free Sentences from Crispin Glover's Performance Last Night at Northwest Film Forum


1. Dead stillness requires perfect calm of the mind and emotions.

2. Here they are leisurely shot, or killed with clubs.

3. There are two kinds of books.

4. After the reptile was hatched it got its food.

5. Somewhere in the distance a dog woke with a smile.

6. I think my penis fell off.

7. That negroid slave is going to get himself killed one day.

8. The mollusks in the bathtub started to wake.

9. I put it next to my ear to hear what it had to say.

10. The witch had been caught, and of course I was the witch.

11. He put on his powdered wig.

12. She bore a child and came to murder it.

13. Tom touched a dead fish.

14. I made specific gestures to make myself absolutely clear.