Hey Marseilles Buys House, Preps for New Album

Hey Marseilles fans take note: Tonight's appearance by the band's leading man, Matt Bishop, at the Round will likely be the last time, for the next five months, that Seattle audiences will be able to hear the conversely endearing and rousing orchestral pop songs off the band's debut album, To Travels and Trunks.

The reason? The band has set a May Day deadline for completion of its follow-up to that album and is dead set on hitting it.

Tonight is also the first time that we will be able to hear some of that new material, Bishop tells City Arts. He says that the band has already fleshed out six songs -- with the initial songwriting contributions coming from himself, guitarist Nick Ward and cellist Sam Anderson.

In related news, violinist Jacob Anderson recently purchased a very old brick house in Columbia City that will soon serve as a much-needed base for the band. Sam, Jacob’s younger brother, will be building a studio on the top floor where the band members and friends can record. Despite that permanent location, Jacob says that the group is planning to record the next album in a number of locations around the region, inspired by the recent recording of the upcoming Cataldo record -- on which Hey Marseilles’ drummer Colin Richey appears -- and a recent video project the band undertook with Hayley Young. Right now Jacob is busy putting in a lot of “swequity,” prepping the house for a handful of his bandmates to live in.

"It's ironic because I got out of my mortgage to move the band forward,” says Bishop, who two years ago managed to sell his condo to focus on the burgeoning band. "And now Jacob just got into a mortgage to move the band forward."

Watch the (NSFW) live video for "Cigarettes," shot by Hayley Young: