Ted Chiang and Cherie Priest Nab Speculative Praise

Earlier this year, Bellevue-based speculative fiction writer Ted Chiang released The Lifecycle of Software Objects,  his most stunning work to date. The novella, which chronicles the lives of artificially intelligent autonomous beings, gives insight to what life might really be like for robots who can think and learn (hint: it's only slightly more sad than the life of the average orphan).

We liked it so much, we wrote a story about it that featured Chiang talking mad shit about Transformers: The Movie. Turns out we weren't the only ones. io9 -- Gawker Media's tech blog -- just named it one of the best speculative fiction works of the year, alongside works by William Gibson and Suzanne Collins.

We're not done. Seattleite Cherie Priest, who appeared in our magazine talking mad shit about people who try to define steampunk, was also given the nod for her novel Dreadnought.

Of course, this doesn't mean anything really, but it's a good sign of what might come later this winter when the finalists for the 2011 Hugo Awards are named.