Tom Petty at the Comet! Tonight!

In spirit. And song. Brought to you by Petty Party, a note-for-note, irony-free, singalong-friendly tribute band starring one Kevin Large (aka Widower) as America's Underratedest Rock Star, plus a cast of Seattle notables.

The "irony-free" bit is key. Large and crew are ardent admirers and students of Tom Petty. They play his hits--you know them all, every word--with a reverent passion that adds youthful lustre and cool to the source material. Perhaps the time is right for cover bands to shake off the shackles of shame and stake a claim at artistic legitimacy. At least cover bands this damn good--though there may be no other artist whose legacy warrants revisiting and hasn't already been done to death. (ELO? Paul McCartney? Talking Heads?)

Word from Large is the band has 20 songs prepped for tonight. I'm hoping they cover Petty's cover of Thunderclap Newman's "Something in the Air."

Classic rockers Pipsisewah, featuring Jesse Bonn, guitarist of the Maldives, and the Golden Blondes open. 9 p.m., $6.