The Sound of Sunshine


Just in time for a sunless Seattle weekend: Willie Wright, "Nantucket Island"

Chicago-based label Numero Group recently reissued Willie Wright's second and final album, 1977's Telling the Truth. According to the liners, Wright was a lifelong itinerant musician, born in the south, raised in St. Louis, fathered kids in New York, dropped acid in Boston, played to the yacht club crowd in Nantucket. Today he lives with Parkinson's Disease in Providence, RI.

Telling the Truth was recorded live in the studio; band members include Skull Snaps' George “Buzzy” Bragg on drums. It never received national distribution. Instead, Wright sold it mostly by hand at concerts around the Northeast and out of the trunk of his car.

The entire album is warm-honey-syrup soul-folk, but "Nantucket Island" is the highlight--what feeling good sounds like.