Noise for the Needy Starts Tomorrow!!!

Holy wow! Noise for the Needy kicks off tomorrow with a crap-ton of concerts at venues all across the city. Above is the full roster of bands; here is the full schedule; and below is a handy index compiled by NFTN publicist Chris Nelson that tells you everything else you need to know about Seattle's favorite morale-boosting, charity-benefitting, rock 'n' rolling music festival.

The CITY ARTS Noise for the Needy 2011 Index 

Number of bands playing Noise for the Needy 2011:  77

Number of DJs spinning:  12

Number of comedians performing:  4

Total shows at Noise for the Needy 2011:  21

Number of clubs hosting NFTN shows:  15

Number of artists who have played NFTN since 2004:  292

Funds raised by Noise for the Needy Seattle since 2004:  $121,250

Nonprofit beneficiary of Noise for the Needy 2011 festival:  Real Change Empowerment Project

Beneficiary’s flagship project:  Real Change street newspaper

Number of volunteer slots to fill for NFTN 2011:  152

Expected number of organizer and volunteer meetings held to stage Seattle NFTN 2011:  36

Sheets of 11”x17” Astrobright paper used for NFTN gig posters:  5,000

Number of comedy showcases at NFTN 2011:  1

Number of metal showcases at NFTN 2011:  1

Number of comedy or metal showcases at previous NFTN festivals:  0

Seattle music blogs presenting shows:  Sound on the Sound and Seattle Rock Guy

Number of shows throughout Seattle MC’d by organizer Jeffrey Henry during a single 30-minute stretch in 2010:  5