Nine Weekend Highlights (In Chronological Order)

1. Faustine Hudson

The Whalebones drummer (shown above performing with the Maldives at Doe Bay Fest) is always the musician having the most fun onstage at any given performance. In contrast to the stoic psych-roc Black Mountain and bluescore stomp of My Goodness, Whalebones' rambling boogie was lent luster to a sun-drenched Friday evening at the Mural Amphitheater.


2. Row House Cafe

Quaint, cute, dog-friendly, sporting sunny front and back porches for easy weekend mornings. Ambiance is perfect; food needs work.


3. Melon in the box

In front of the Queen Anne QFC, a few steps from the watermelon display outside the main entrance. Next summer: free watermelon with every issue!


4. The T-Dock

Off-the-radar swimming/lounging/drinking spot on Lake Washington. EPIC.


5. Vibrations Fest

Major score for Cairo=major score for Seattle. Vibrations featured a dozen bands all day at the tragically underused Volunteer Park amphitheater. Strongest sets came back to back to back via Stephanie (chillwave Coldplay? In a good way), Metal Chocolates (featuring OC Notes, Seattle's most eccentric beatsmith), and Flexions (thump-heavy, beach-ready dubwave). Wish I could've stayed for Purple and Green (pictured above) but it was off to...


6. Tacos Chukis

Easily the most legit taqueria on Capitol Hill. Tijuana-style specialty taco comes with grilled pineapple and a spicy-tart green salsa. Adios, Rancho Bravo.


7. Aix Rose big bottle

One of four left in the city til the end of September, according to Mercer Island QFC wine buyer (thx, #trending!). Sunshine wine, dock-jumping lubricant.

8. Clarke Beach

Site of aforementioned dock jumping. Beautiful drive along Mercer Island's northern edge leads to hidden gem of a grassy beach. BBQs provided; BYO charcoal.


9. Tavern Law Second anniversary celebration

Owner's Brian McCracken's dad was on-hand to buy the entire bar a round. Also a going-away party for bartender supreme Philip Thompson, who's moving on to manage McCracken's next venture in Belltown.