Fatal Lucciauno Performs "Drunken Poetry" on The Song Show (NSFW)

When Fatal Lucciauno returned to The Song Show last month, the man was not in high spirits. Suffering from a days-long cold in the midst of working the release of his sophomore album, Respect, Lucciauno was fighting to get through the evening of interview and performance. He did so without a sniffle, reciting the powerful songs without accompaniment for the packed crowd between segments where he answered needling questions about his craft from me.

Struggle isn't anything new to Lucciauno, a man who has spent much of his young rap career pushing through obstacles, many of his own creation. Lucciauno doesn't deny this. As he revealed in his interview with me that night at the Rendezvous, his art is an ongoing quest to earn respect from his peers, his family and, most of all, himself. In this song, which we recorded in the Rendezvous's Jewel Box Theatre prior to the live show, Lucciauno explores his place in a pantheon of late greats.

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Photo of Fatal Lucciauno on stage during The Song Show by Brad Curran

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