Fly Moon Royalty Takes Off

In 2010, a freshly transplanted Midwestern producer named Mike Sylvester started a new job at Mel’s Market, a downtown lunch joint where singer Adra Boo was a veteran employee. Two years later, Boo and Sylvester, aka Action Jackson, are in the midst of planning their second full-length album as electro-soul outfit Fly Moon Royalty. The record, which will be released later this year, is the follow-up to the duo’s self-titled full-length.

On a weekday afternoon, while prepping sandwiches in the kitchen at Mel’s, they talk about the first time they met at an orientation for new hires. “Mike said he produced and that he had a hip-hop group,” Boo says. “I was in a group with no producer, so after that meeting I started chatting with him and we decided to collaborate, make some trade.”

First Boo sang a few hooks on songs by Sylvester’s group, Sex Panther. Sylvester reciprocated by recording and producing an EP for her group, Luxury A.K. Then Boo got her hands on a new Sylvester track that didn’t have a vocal yet. “She recorded a vocal track by herself on Garage Band.

When I heard what she had done with it, all the layers of vocals, it completely blew me away,” Sylvester says.

That track was the beginning of a new sound. “With Luxury A.K., I was doing a lot more electro-pop party music, but the tracks that Mike and I were doing together were different,” Boo says. “They were a lot more hard-hitting, they have a lot more meaning and feeling behind them. It felt like I was fully representing my whole self. I feel like I’m growing.”

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