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The key to Simplicity Décor’s success is simple: give to your community and your community will give back

Photos by Kyle Johnson

Packed into Simplicity Décor’s storefront on cozy, tree-lined Park Lane in Kirkland — along with the Thai furniture, modern accessories, playful tchotchke’s, fragrant candles and Uglydolls — is a lot of heart. When “A” Leingboonlertchai (just call him “A”) decided he no longer wanted to practice law in his native Thailand, he moved to the United States to earn a bachelor’s degree and then worked at Crate & Barrel, learning the art of retailing home furnishings. When he opened Simplicity Décor three years ago, he found happiness, realizing a dream from his childhood. Back then he spent his days exploring design and architecture magazines, imagining how he would design and decorate his own space as an adult. Now he helps others in his community to design and decorate their homes.

But the store’s community stretches farther than its customers; and farther than the Sweet Cake’s cake shop and Zeek’s Pizza next door. Most notably it extends to the Kirkland Teen Union Building, which has long been a beneficiary of  “A’s” good will. During the store’s first three weeks, “A” donated 10 percent of all sales to the building’s music program. He is repeating the gesture this holiday season, promising again to donate 10 percent of all holiday sales to the program. Even as the economy struggles “A” stays true to the statement he made when first opening his store: “I’ve always told myself that if I have my own business, I will not run it just to benefit myself,” he told the Kirkland Courier back in the flush economy of 2006 “but also to help others.”

In décor, and so much more, he is doing just that.


Simplicity Décor

126 Park Lane, Kirkland, 425.803.0386, simplicitydecor.com


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