Home Base

Outsider artist Tim Fowler's East Howell home is the Central District's answer to Olympic Sculpture Park.

Photo by Victoria Lahti

A) The Outsider Inside
Tim Fowler works at a battered bench, watched over (out of frame) by his “wooden cartoons” — a rooftop Satan, Uncle Sam pointing a gas-pump handle at his temple like a revolver, a snake devouring Dick Cheney. Like a self-taught local Gaudi, he has spent years replacing his front fence with a huge cracked-crockery tile sculpture. His work has appeared at the American Visionary Art Museum, the Outsider Art Fair,  Seattle’s MIA Gallery, Garde Rail and Georgetown’s Smarty Pants bar.

B) Bad Things Come in the Mail
“A judge, a policeman and two doctors — everything bad comes in the mail.”

C) Paper Mill Sleeper
“I worked at a paper mill and took naps on the rolls. The original was two inches long. Bumming around the country, I carved bits of my life. Worked out of a backpack.”

D) 1949 Nash Ambassador
“That folded into a bed in the back seat. Notorious in the ’50s.”

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