Editor’s Note: Know Your Role

Despite our best efforts to avoid it, we throw the word “community” around a lot in this issue of City Arts. There’s nothing wrong with that word. It’s just that, as Abbey Simmons points out in our feature about the – argh! – community forming around a certain group of Northwest bands, the word is in such high circulation that it is starting to sound like little more than a buzzword (“Let It Grow”).

Buzzwords, as we all know, are destined for the dustbin, but the ideas that Simmons and her music-loving cohorts attach to this particular word are indispensable. As far as creative catalysts go, none is more potent than the need to build community.

I know this firsthand. It was that need that led me to Seattle almost four years ago to take the helm of Sound magazine and then City Arts, two publications that serve a community of artists and musicians I have come to call my own.

Part of being in a community, though, is knowing your role. My role, I have recently realized, is no longer as an editor. It is time for me step down from my executive editor post to focus on writing and leave this publication in the hands of a new and infinitely able editor, Leah Baltus.

I’m not going anywhere; you will still see my byline in future issues. In fact, you will likely see me out and about a little more reporting stories. And if you want to stop me and talk about our community, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Enjoy the issue.

Mark Baumgarten
Executive Editor

Photograph of Campfire OK playing Columbia City Theatre, by Dylan Priest

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