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Sir Mix-a-Lot stands up for Macklemore, gets cut down

Photo by Colby Perry

At the conclusion of his third sold-out Showbox show in March, Macklemore summed up what might have been the apex of the run: an onstage cameo by Sir Mix-a-Lot, who rapped the entirety of “Posse on Broadway.”

“You guys know you just saw some historical shit, right?” Macklemore asked the crowd as Mix walked offstage. Before his exit, Mix made a comment that immediately burned through the hip-hop community via Twitter and Facebook.

 “You guys are doing a great job with this cat, the prince of Seatown,” Mix told the crowd. Then he turned to his host and handed him the microphone. “Macklemore, I hand you this baton, and run, baby, run!”

Members of the Northwest hip-hop community reportedly took issue with Mix’s apparent anointing of a white rapper to the Seattle pantheon.

“There was some fallout but that’s been exaggerated,” said Mix-a-Lot (aka Anthony Ray) later in a phone interview. “It was just a few people who misheard what I said and took it as ‘everybody else sucks,’ and that’s not how I meant it. It’s funny the way people can take a few words and spin ’em into something else. They say I passed the baton, or I passed the torch. I don’t even have the baton to pass, man. I was never dubbed king of Seattle. Who am I? I’m just one member of the community.

“[Macklemore’s] whole package is together,” Mix continued. “He’s got an army of fans making his machine bigger and faster. I got a lot of respect for what he’s doing, same thing I’d say about Common Market, Blue Scholars, E-Dawg.”

As for the reverse racism, Mix had this to say: “That’s stupid, man. That’s just silly, immature. When are we not allowed to dig a white dude that can rap? I coulda sworn we all liked Eminem. I didn’t know I can’t be onstage with a white dude.”

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