Is this a Parade?

A Conversation with My Mother

Why are we going to this art walk? Is this a parade? Should I wear something nice?
Don’t worry about it, mom. This isn’t a parade of art down the middle of the street or anything like that, and you don’t have to dress up. This is Seattle, after all. Art walk is just a chance for us to go look at some new art hanging in local galleries and businesses. There are a bunch of reasons to go, but the main one is that it is good free entertainment. It’s also a good reason to get to know a neighborhood, do some people watching and maybe buy some art.

Do I have to buy art?!
No, you don’t. But it would be nice if you did.

Oh goodness. I’ve never bought art before. I might need to relax a bit before I open up the pocketbook. Do they have drinks at this place?
Actually, many of the galleries and businesses that participate in art walks serve free wine. But you should remember to bring your ID. Last year the State Liquor Control Board found a few galleries serving to minors, so now all the galleries and businesses are on high alert. And since you look so young, I wouldn’t be surprised if they carded you.

Oh, shush. Whose idea was this anyway?
Actually, it was Seattle’s idea. Way back in 1981 …

That wasn’t that long ago, you know?
Yes. I’m sorry, mom. So, when I was three, a group of gallery owners in Pioneer Square decided to combine forces and tag one day a month “First Thursdays” as a day they would all open up their galleries to art buyers. Since then, art walks have spread to every major neighborhood in Seattle and every major city in the nation. So, can we go already?

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