Good to Die is Good to Go

Two years ago, Nik Christofferson started the Seattle Rock Guy blog to expose music by the city’s heaviest musicians and uncover the hard rock and metal scene’s biggest stories. Now Christofferson is the biggest story.

At the end of the summer, the bespectacled 31-year-old launched Good to Die Records, an independent record label intent on “handpicking the best acts in the NW underground rock scene, with releases both large and small.”

Christofferson initially announced upcoming GtD releases from two of the scene’s most buzzed-about bands. In November, the label will issue its first physical release, an EP by Sandrider, a much-ballyhooed hard rock group featuring members of Akimbo. Early next year will see the full-length debut of Absolute Monarchs, a heavy-hitting garage punk band that was named one of City Arts’ Best New Bands in February.

“There just isn’t a good option for bands like this to put out records,” Christofferson says. “Bands can do it on their own, but that’s a lot of work. Because Akimbo is the priority for those guys, I knew that the Sandrider record would just sit on the shelf and never see the light of day. That would be a travesty.”

Those early signings were noticed by blog writers, fans and bands across the region, gaining the label immediate notoriety. Christofferson has been solicited by a dozen bands hoping to join the GtD roster. Last month, he added two more acts, the Monogamy Party and Brokaw, bands that are a high priority for their members and now for Christoffersen as well. 

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