Ships in the Night

Under the cover of night, artist Kyler Martz stencils one of his whale boats for a mural at The Whale Wins in Wallingford. When he finishes, a fleet of five ships will decorate the side of the restaurant. Martz began drawing the zoomorphic vessels after moving from Boise to Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood in 2009. “I started drawing the ships I saw on Lake Union, in an attempt to put together a portfolio,” Martz says. “I was planning on using them to apply to architecture school, but then I realized that the whales fit so well with the boats. They sort of took over.” This commission follows recent showings of the artist’s colorful hybridized drawings at Porchlight Coffee and Arabica Lounge on Capitol Hill. Starting this month, some of his more booze-inspired work will hang at Sound Spirit Distillery.

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