August 2013 Attractive Singles

Dog Shredder

7 Bolo Nef
“7” feels like the moments before a roller coaster reaches its tipping point—anxious, contemplative and primal. Unsettling guitars swirl as Seattle MC Bolo Nef examines, condemns and dodges himself. He crashes his own party, left drugged out and alone to clean up its aftermath. Clayton Holman

Sweat Airport
Released as the first vinyl 12” from Debacle Records, “Sweat” is an old-school techno epic aimed squarely at the dance floor. It’s built from minute percussive bits, one accreting atop another, drums comprising melody, melody pushing pulse, composition arriving at climax. Success! Jonathan Zwickel

Go to Orange B’shnorkestra
The title track from the debut album of Seattle’s premiere big-band jazz ensemble, “Go to Orange” is rich, warm and crepuscular—some kind of twilight campfire serenade for a bohemian fantasy waltz. Latin or Gypsy? The answer is yes. JZ

Rewind the Rerun Feral Children
A manic blend of shoutful and tuneful, scuzzy and shreddy, Feral Children recall early Modest Mouse. The debut single from their upcoming album—their first in three years—“Rewind the Rerun” is an open-road anthem. Put this in your ride and drive it. JZ

Shadow Deserts Dog Shredder
Adding accessible hooks and top-tier production to their trademark whirlwind riff barrage, Bellingham thrash-prog trio Dog Shredder’s first taste from their upcoming full length is a blistering jam. Produced by LA bigwig Ross Robinson, the Shredders have streamlined their aural insanity without sacrificing intensity. Jeff Kirby

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