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One Fine Day

What better time to pick up a Neko Case, Sonics or Wailers album than on national Record Store Day? On April 18, Disc Connection in Tacoma and Sounds Great in Gig Harbor celebrate independently owned record stores and the music they help bring to the masses. Founded in 2007, Record Store Day festivities span the world (with seven hundred record stores participating in the U.S. alone) and include performances, DJs spinning records, body painting, meet-and-greets with artists and more.

She Rocks

In January, music journalist and all-ages advocate Lauren Napier launched an interactive Web show with Sugar Hooker Entertainment on SheTV. Catch live interviews with bands at stickam.com/sugarhooker on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. With her weekly Volcano column, “Rockin’ the Cradle,” cello practice and tour manager duties, Napier rarely skips a beat. This month’s lineup includes: Greatest Hits, Metro Station and Creem City (Napier’s band).

Operator? Art, Please

The world’s second-smallest art gallery, the Telephone Room, has a big mission: artist-driven exhibits and programming that spark more personal conversations between artists and the public. Located in a private 1930s home, this twelve-square-foot gallery boasts a rotary phone with a cool vintage ring. Founders Heide Fernandez-Llamazares, Marty Gengenbach and Ellen Ito hope the nontraditional space will inspire artists to try something new or explore site-specific ideas. Sixteen artists participated in Hello, the inaugural exhibit, which runs through April 15. For upcoming Shrinky Dink-making with Jessica Bender, contact thetelephoneroom@gmail.com.

Blog Digest

Green It Up: On exit133.com, David Boe proposes changes to Tollefson Plaza: “In a city professing to be on the cutting edge of sustainability, a concrete heat sink at the center of town is somewhat problematic. If not a building (with a green roof), fill it with plantings.”
Small Bites: Jake and Jason de Paulon SPEW: “Things in life worth waiting for: Your child to be born, Axl Rose’s Chinese Democracy and
a restaurant with a star chef in Tacoma. Il Trattoria di Merende is just such a place.”
What a Glass: Brian Miller references The New York Times in The Daily Weekly: “[They say] Marissa Mayer’s design for [Google’s] minimalist home page is linked to her home décor, [which features works by Dale Chihuly.] Really? If [he] were to design a Web site, I think it’d be more like a screen saver run amok.”

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