Behind the Scenes

For the first time in City Arts’ history, we chose to give all three issues the same cover story, which highlights the art of letterpress and letterpresses in Seattle, the Eastside and Tacoma.

But we still took the opportunity to create a unique design for each cover.

On March 15, photographer Andrew Waits met with Jessica Spring to photograph her for this month’s letterpress feature. Arriving at Springtide Press, he was surprised to find the Tacoma teacher and mentor hanging out with two of her former students in her garage, where she has her letterpress studio. Waits quickly learned why former students would want to spend time in Spring’s garage.

“She had a great sense of humor,” he recalls. “She seemed to be not only a great teacher and mentor, but a friend to her students.” As Spring showed Waits around, he was inspired by the small details around her shop, including her self-produced art books. Spring then began opening drawers, showing the photographer the various wood-cut letters and embellishments used in her work. The letters you see on the cover of this month’s issue are from this collection.

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