Weyerhaeusing the Arts: Filling the Mansion

The Weyerhaeuser mansion is on the market, and we think it would make a great home for the arts. Here are three suggestions for how the fifty-room compound of buildings on seven acres that includes a carriage house, a chapel and a greenhouse could be used in the name of art. Now we just have to figure out how to raise the three million dollars to buy the thing.

Photograph by Scott Willsey

1 Relocate Tacoma School of the Arts
With a space like the mansion, students would have ample room away from the hubbub of Tacoma’s University of Washington campus. With vast areas for classrooms, the integratation of the arts and academics could only flourish further. 

2 Bring TAP, D.A.S.H. and Fab-5 under one roof
Although these are separate organizations, housing the three in the same complex would provide a tremendous opportunity for urban families and kids to discover the power of self-expression in a setting rich with history. The only question is where to put the graffiti wall.

3 Broadway Center for the Performing Arts at Weyerhaeuser
With resident organizations like Northwest Sinfonietta, Tacoma Opera, Tacoma City Ballet and Tacoma Philharmonic, to list a few, the possibilities are endless as regards the type and quality of shows that can be added. Think ballet under the stars, greenhouse orchestra or even a Mystery Theatre–style show throughout the grounds. •

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