Around Town: Creature Features

Last month, Tacoma dance group the Barefoot Collective staged the Ides of May, filling a formerly vacant downtown storefront with emotion and sold-out crowds. Throughout the program’s seven short and distinct works, more than 20 dancers displayed athleticism and grace while presenting colorful interpretations of anxiety, friendship and death.

1 Three characters from “Nincompoopiana”, a work in progress from BQDanza, mix a healthy dose of play into their dancing.

2 The evening’s dancers warm up before doors open to their second sold-out audience of the day.

3 Puppeteer and choreographer Carla Barragan helps a dancer don her colorful creation.

4 A group of Gig Harbor High School theatre students pass time playing cards before performing “Familiar Strangers,” an ensemble number they choreographed with the help of the Barefoot Collective.

5 Formerly a salon, the space at 915 Pacific Avenue has been transformed into a center for the performing arts, shared by the Barefoot Collective and 4th Wall Theater. 


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