April In Print
A poem for Jonathan Moore by Gabriel Teodros.
Access for All would fund arts, heritage and science organizations.
"I wanted to see if I was strong enough to do a thing I had no business doing."

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For Paul Komada, one look travels from studio to museum.
Seaview’s Sou’Wester Lodge is an artistic haven.
Forward Flux is not a conventional theatre company.
Jessica Estrada talks Fresh Jess, the shoe game, Hawaiian...
Exploded, Deconstructed Soul
Elegant Downtempo Soul
Featuring Chastity Belt, Crater, Neek, the Bug Vs. Earth...
Anti-Establishment Digi-Pop

Things Are Changing!

Instead of doing this year, we've decided to spread the fun throughout the year. We'll borrow the most unique parts of the fest to create a series of events that celebrate the vibrant local arts community. Stay Tuned! Tell me more