2016 Artists of the Year

Illustration by Kathryn Rathke. To see a larger version of this image, click the thumbnail below.


Ten Seattle creatives who caused a sensation in the last 12 months.

From left: Dave B 
released the game-changing rap album Tomorrow, further expanding Seattle’s musical palette. Donald Byrd brought audiences at Spectrum Dance Theater face-to-face with issues of race throughout the company’s powerful season. Amelia Bonow’s #shoutyourabortion movement grew into a full-scale reproductive rights revolution, both online and IRL. John Criscitello, queer artist and provocateur, raged against gentrification on Capitol Hill with in-your-face street art. Tariqa Waters presented her superb solo show 100% Kanekalon at the Northwest African American Museum and moved her Pioneer Square gallery/venue Martyr Sauce into a new and bigger space. Shannon Perry released a kickass debut album with her band Gazebos and continued her rise as a nationally in-demand tattoo artist. Nate Gowdy crisscrossed America to document the election season and its candidates with stark black-and-white photographs, landing an image of Bernie Sanders on the cover of TIME. Natasha Marin’s Reparations project—
a social media experiment designed to address the real, daily needs of people of color—went viral, helping countless people to give and receive services and support. Christopher Paul Jordan 
stood up for equitable representation in Tacoma Art Museum’s Art AIDS America, spoke out against erasure from Black Box 3.0 and exhibited a gorgeous mural at Out of Sight. Clyde Petersen’s first full-length feature film, the hilarious and heartbreaking stop-motion animated Torrey Pines, opened this year’s TWIST film festival.


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