Acid Tongue: "i died dreaming"

These are heady times in the world of Acid Tongue. The Seattle garage-rock trio's two-week UK tour begins next week, and to warm up their fans across the pond, they've rereleased their debut EP i died dreaming via London cassette label Failure by Design. They'll bring with them wicked-cool merch designed by drummer Ian Cunningham and produced by Imperial Motion, the Tacoma-based surf-n-skate lifestyle brand, which will also distribute Acid Tongue gear in Zumiez stores across the US this summer. Gnarly!

Best of all, the band, which also features Guy Keltner on vocals and guitar and bassist Jacob Rose, is premiering their first-ever video with us today. "i died dreaming" is a sort of lysergic travelogue, awash in hazy '90s VHSisms and the kind of bleary cinematography that gives me drug shivers. (Now that's good video!) The song itself is massive, all manic vocals and towering guitars, cloaking pangs of love and longing under a layer of heavily-stoned distortion. Check it out below and catch Acid Tongue when they're back in Seattle at Big Building Bash on June 6. 

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