Attractive Singles: December 2014

Five Can't-Miss Songs from the PNW


Silver Jackson “We Drowned in Our Love”
Nicholas Galanin, the Tlingit/Aleut Alaskan behind Silver Jackson, is the definition of a Renaissance man: an acclaimed visual artist and member of the Black Constellation and producer of Home Skillet Music Fest in Sitka, Alaska. His new album, Starry Skies Opened Eyes, veers from ambient dub to acoustic hip-hop to this textured, transcendent paean sung with chanteuse Samantha Crain.

Pampa “OK OK”
I’m late to this June release but thankful for it: timeless lo-fi, downtempo guitar pop that’s equal parts Phil Spector-ish Wall of Sound and limber Yo La Tengo-esque jangle. Judging by Pampa’s six-song EP, Argentinian-born bandleader Moon Baillie has an ear for magnetic melancholy of a particularly Northwest bent—and a very cool name.

KA “In Bloom”
This song bears zero resemblance to the version of “In Bloom” you’re familiar with. Nor is KA at all similar to Kithkin or Lemolo, members of which have been incubating this enigmatic gloom-rock project for almost a year. The long, sinister jams on their upcoming debut reflect the interminable darkness of PNW winter.

Mamiffer “Caelestis Partus”
Mamiffer’s Faith Coloccia once told me she makes music to “invoke a different way of thinking.” So: Imagine the deepest dark of winter not as obliteration but as the inexorable slumbering that precedes new life. That’s the sound of Mamiffer’s new album, Statu Nascendi, and this sublime soundscape is its epitome.

Panabrite “Balsam”
“If this came out in the ’70s, it would now be a collector’s item.” So says a recent newsletter from Wall of Sound, the city’s best-curated record store. Panabrite is the one-man project of Norm Chambers, a multi-instrumentalist obsessed with exquisite synth sounds and deep-space compositions. Pavilion, his latest LP, is a pinnacle of electronic head food.

KA asked us to not post "In Bloom" until the final version is mastered. When it's ready City Arts will premiere the song.


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