The Sights of 'Out of Sight'

The second year of Out of Sight opened last weekend and saw curators Greg Lundgren, Beth Sellars, Sierra Stinson, Minh Nguyen, Julia Fryett and Molly Sides transform King Street Station once again (with exhibition designer Scott Lawrimore), this time with even more ambitious installations sprawled or suspended in the rafters, paintings, video and sculpture by artists across the region, and performers taking over nooks and crannies—or in one case go-go dancing on a plinth. Some numbers are a testament to the behemoth effort by artists to go big, like Jennifer Zwick’s sculpture made of 14,976 playing cards, Mike Rathbun’s installation constructed out of 13,000 feet of poplar and Gerri Sayler’s 2,250 pipe cleaners blossoming out of thin air. Here’s a look at some of the art and events from the opening day’s preview. The exhibition remains open through this month, with gallery hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Photos by Bruce Clayton Tom. —Amanda Manitach

Paul Rucker, Birth of a Nation Project (7 KKK Robes)

Mike Rathbun, "Stall"

Nicholas Galanin, "We Dreamt Deaf"

Gail Grinnell, "HIDE: a watery blind here the light will seep"

Robert Rhee, "Invisible Hand"

Portland Immersive Media Group, "VR Spa"

The Evan Flory-Barnes Trio

Evan Flory-Barnes

Jed Dunkerley leading a tour in front of Amanda Kirkhuff's painting "Jody Lynn Bowman"

Seth David Friedman

Rodrigo Valenzuela, "Sense of Place No. 3"

Jennifer Zwick, "Flock"

Lead Pencil Studio, "Dark Light: Wall"

Gerri Sayler: "Whoosh!"

D.K. Pan & Abigail J. Swanson, "Gift of Unseen Stigmati"

Calie Swedberg

Tannaz Farsi, "And Others"

Alice Gosti

Prentis Hale, "Ghost Spire"

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