Brett Hamil

Brett Hamil is a standup comic, writer, cartoonist and filmmaker. He performs at clubs and festivals all over the U.S. and Canada including Bumbershoot, Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland) and Northwest Comedy Fest (Vancouver). He produces a roving monthly standup showcase called Brett Hamil & Acquaintances. His sketch videos have been featured on websites like Upworthy, Slog and The Daily Dot. His local politics webseries My YouTube Channel Where I'm the Big Important Guy Who Gets to Say What's What spun off into a semimonthly live talk show at Northwest Film Forum, The Seattle Process, where he interviews politicans, activists and artists and offers his crackpot brand of satire and political commentary. Hamil lives at the top of Beacon Hill with his wife, Diana Falchuk, and their two weird-looking dogs, Wheezy and Merle.