Tonight at Feedback: Motopony says "Hello"

Seattle might not know it yet, but a new musical force just set up shop on Capitol Hill and – I am being bold and careless here – it's one that will likely become a pre-eminent talent around town and beyond. Daniel Blue, the frontman for the band Motopony (shown above) recently moved to the Emerald City from Tacoma where, in seven years, he experimented as a designer (both clothing and graphic) and a writer and became a frequent subject of praise, publicity, scrutiny and scorn.

It was in music, though, that the twenty-something found his calling. And recent recognition by KEXP and this magazine, as well as the fact that his backing band already called Seattle home, has led Blue to believe that he would have a better chance of launching a career from the Hill than from Tacoma. On the occasion of his big move, I asked him to share a statement with our readers in Tacoma. This is what he wrote:

Dear Tacoma,  
You remade me. The seven years I spent with you changed everything I knew about the world and myself. I leave with you in my every gesture and misspelled word, in my scars and calluses, my strength and gritted poise. I go to take you to the world outside, to infect your hope and heart into more and more bricks and cracked concretes.

You have my heart forever, and I will return someday, perhaps, to raise my horde once my quest is complete.


As a hello to Seattle, Blue recorded a new song with his band and his first new musical friend in Seattle, the wonderful Anna Lynne Williams (Trespassers William, Lotte Kestner). The song is called “Wait For Me” and it is a stunner (you can listen to it here).

Seattle need not wait any more. Welcome to your new home, Mr. Blue.

Don't miss Motopony’s free performance at City Arts Feedback event, tonight at the Cha Cha. Doors open at 7:00pm. Free beer for the first fifty attendees.

Photo of Motopony by Andrew Waits.