The Song Show Podcast: Moondoggies, Hannalee and Kimo Muraki

Episode 3: Looking, Loving, Losing

When I was on the road for this month's cover story, I kept my ears peeled for new musicians from the hinterlands I could bring back for you. I did find a few — and will be sharing them with you on the next episode — but to be honest, my trip was largely soundtracked by new music from Seattle artists that I had uploaded in preparation for my trip, notably the new EP from the Moondoggies and a charming demo from the duo Hannalee, both of whom are included this episode.

The greatest discovery I made on my trip has actually been staring me in the face for two years now. While catching a surprise set by Seattle's Fences at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern in Bellingham, I was fortunate enough to catch a solo performance by the band's sideman Kimo Muraki. He transfixed the modest crowd with a cover of Prince's "Purple Rain," played on banjo. And it only got better from there.

After the show, Muraki handed me a CD-R demo. I listened to its nine songs incessantly while cruising the backroads of this great state, especially "Wander," which fit the journey perfectly.

Looking back, I realize the songs that hit me the hardest were all love songs, hence the theme: "Looking, Loving and Losing."

Must be that spring air.


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